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Aimee Lippert
So helpful

I highly recommend this addition to your make up chair, especially for FX Makeup applications. The caddy swings around wherever you need your supplies and has actually cut time off of our applications because you don’t have to keep going back and forth from the station to grab supplies. This works so much better than a standalone tray that gets in the way of people walking through the trailer ..also it stows away for easy storage when not needed.

Sturdy and well made. It will come in very handy


LOVE IT! It's so handy, and I love being able to bump into it and not have it fall over! No legs, no tripping hazard!

Christie Kaier
Love our Cadi

We at this time have only purchased one to try and the staff love it! Plan to order more in the future.

BossCaddi Metal Tray
Lauren Brower
Love the concept, design still needs work!

I love not having wheels collecting hair on the ground or in my way, HOWEVER, the contraption that connects to the chair tends to swing and get stuck, thus limiting the rotation of the tray and skimming across my clients back tightly because the connector piece isn’t functioning properly.

I also am kinda annoyed they came out with all black ones after I got mine…..I have two trays. I do love them though!

Black Boss Cadi

I purchase one for every chair in my shop. I love it

BossCaddi Metal Tray
Quick Resolution

I ❤️ my Caddie but had a little issue. I emailed and within moments it was delt with. Great customer service.

They made it right

I’m so happy that Boss caddi adjusted the bracket for me because I’m a barber and I really need it for my station! It works wonderful with the services that I provide for my clients.


I am loving my boss caddy it make my life so much better at work, everything is at hands reach and it very sturdy and almost rotates right around the chair. The only thing that would love it more is if there was an add on surface for foils

Well Made and Simple to install

We purchased 37 units for our 2 salons. They are so easy to install and better quality than the traditional floor types that break in 6 months and waste so much space. We love the Boss Caddis

Sharon Medina
Love our Caddi’s

They are so easy to install and an extra hand for all your color use. We love them


game changer!

Arlenia Rodriguez
Loving it!

Definitely a space safer here in MY SALON Suite. Takes a little bit of getting used to.
Keeps things looking a lot neater and it looks more streamlined. Even my client thinks it’s pretty cool.

Julie Ricketts
Boss Caddi

I had seen the boss caddy on Instagram and loved it when I went to the New York hair show and actually got to sit in the chair and play with it. Had to have one ordered it in and it did not fit my electric chair which is the chair I use most of the time but it fit the other chair just fine and I love it I’ve since ordered the magnetic bowls Clients love it. A lot of them are still working from home so they’re coming in with their laptops. Can’t wait to get one more💕🤠

Clean and Hygienic

Long hours on my feet used to be a pain. Bosscaddi allows anti-fatigue mats – talk about comfort! It's like a spa day for my feet during styling sessions. My back and feet are grateful!


Got the Bosscaddi tray at my salon, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer! No more trolley troubles. Everything's right there on the chair, easy to reach. Styling is stress-free, and I'm more efficient. Love it!

Chloe Masters
I've been liking it!

It's super handy, saves space and super easy to Install. Like all things it takes a little bit to get used to when blowdrying and cutting around the face. My only critique would be for it to be able to spin a little farther around the front of my chair so when my clients are processing they can use it as a table and so I can push it a little bit more out of my way when doing things around the face. I know you can swing it to the other side but if you're using your hairdryer the cord gets in the way and whatnot, or if youre foiling around the face and need to get more color from your color bowl its on my left side or all the way around the other side of my client - like I said just something to get used to!

Got the Bosscaddi tray at my salon, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer! No more trolley troubles. Everything's right there on the chair, easy to reach. Styling is stress-free, and I'm more efficient. Love it!

Great idea, could use improvements

I like the functionality of the tray. It saves me floor space in my suite since I often have pups laying at my feet or client’s friends/family feet. My first tray was poorly painted and my second, the hole in the corner (not sure why it’s needed) is so rough it cut me and my clients who bumped into it a couple times so I had to sand it down. Also, as I move the tray around back and forth the chair, the top becomes loose and wobbles. I’m adjusting the screw multiple times a day. Good idea. Super overpriced and needs work. Should cost $125 at BEST.

Gema Ochoa Ekelson
Love it

I love this recommended 100 %

Kristina Hobbs
So happy with it

Insanely happy with this purchase! And so easy to set up

Ok but could be better.

The Boss Caddi is a great resource for stylist. It saves space & helps speed up time.

My only draw backs is that the oversized bracket isn’t offered as a second option I’ve spent $325 to get the proper fit for my chair & I can’t do anything with the smaller bracket. It’s wasteful.

I would also recommend offering more information regarding the type of chair it is best suited for. A lot of stylist are opting for barber chairs which the mechanics of those chairs impacts the range of motion for the boss caddi.
great product but these small inclusions can make it perfect !

It’s cool to have but not functional as I thought it would be. It doesn’t work great if you have to move your chair up and down.


The tray broke off within 2 months. Waiting for a response from the manufacturer.


Love it best thing I bought for my salon suite added more floor room. I can put everything on it genius.