Salon Cart vs. BossCaddi: Revolutionizing Salon Mobility


In the bustling world of hair salons, every inch of space counts, and every tool must work seamlessly to keep the workflow smooth. While trends keep changing by the day, the salon carts with wheels have been around since ages. They’re spacious, they’re useful, but they’re clunky and take up a lot of space. Is there a way we could say goodbye to these salon trolleys altogether?

Introducing BossCaddi. Picture this: a salon tray that glides a full 270° around your chair, holding all your styling tools. There’s no wheels, no bulk, just a salon tray attached right to your styling chair. Still not sold? Here’s three big ways the BossCaddi wins over a traditional salon cart.

  1. No hair tangled in wheels
    Say goodbye to the perpetual struggle of hair getting tangled in wheels. With the BossCaddi, there’s no wheels at all, so there’s nothing to clean. Managing your salon space has never been such a breeze.
  2. More space for your salon
    Salon trolleys are like bulky elephants in the room, hogging precious real estate. But with the BossCaddi, it’s a different story. Seamlessly attaching to your salon chair, it frees up a whopping two feet of floor space. Imagine the possibilities: an extra styling chair, a retail corner – the world (or at least your salon) is your oyster!
  3. Say hello to anti-fatigue mats
    Ever tried to squeeze an anti-fatigue mat around a salon trolley? If the mats are not properly secured, your trolley with wheels could trip, and that’s a disaster waiting to happen. BossCaddi makes it easy to place anti-fatigue mats for your stylists to be comfortable while they work.

And let’s not forget precision. With the BossCaddi, you’re the boss of your workspace. Need your tools within arm’s reach while coloring or cutting? No problem. Just place your BossCaddi exactly where you want it, and let the creativity flow.

So, the choice is clear. While salon trolleys might have had their moment in the sun, it’s time to make space for the BossCaddi revolution. Say goodbye to wheels, bulky carts, and cramped workspaces. Say hello to seamless mobility, enhanced organization, and a salon that’s as stylish as the hair it creates. It’s time to upgrade your salon game – one BossCaddi at a time.